Numerology provides great insight in every area of a person's life and I use it in every reading I give, combining it with the Tarot.

Our date of birth, shows our character, our talents, how we are going to deal with life in general, our emotions and the kind of image we are projecting for other people to see. If we take the dates of birth of two people and analyze them we will know exactly how they are going to interact and if it is going to be a positive experience.

Our life is also measured in cycles and,according to where we are in our own cycle, certain things become more relevant. We have negative and positive periods in the cycle and we must learn to work with it. No use in fighting and swimming against the current. One of the most common examples is the person that insists in opening a new business or getting married in a year 9 of his cycle. Already we have a recipe for disaster as we know that a number 9 year is not the best for long term commitments of any type. On the other hand if you wanted to move home, travel or move overseas, a year 9 would support you all the way. So it is very important to know in which year of your cycle you actually are before taking a major step.

There are numbers that agree with ours and some that are totally in opposition. If your spouse has very dominant numbers and yours do not accept dominations you have a problem. There are even numbers that do not talk to each other! Sometimes the numbers agree, but the cycles don't. Therefore it is wise to compare dates of birth before a relationship gets too deep or before employing someone that could turn out to be your worst enemy. What if you trap a person behind a desk, hidden in a dark office, and the numbers indicate that she/ he would be a much better asset to the company selling, being out front in contact with people, or travelling?
The newcomer in the office could be the bringer of peace or start a war.

If you already are in a wrong relationship, or arguing with your boss, the numbers can at least show you why, and how best to deal with it. There are some very good counselling sessions based on numerology that can help a couple to get along better once their differences are explained by looking at their numbers.
Problems in the office could be solved simply by matching people that are more compatible. A person unhappy in "room A" could be great in "room B". If your marriage or business is failing, analizyng the cycles of everyone concerned would show why this is happening and how to improve the situation.

Have you ever asked yourself why a house is good for you and maybe the previous one was not? It could be that the number of that place was in opposition to yours.
There are people that never get married and if you look at the number of the place where they live it usually re-enforces that decision. In some houses everybody fights. In some there is always harmony.
Have you noticed how, in every shopping center, there is a shop that keeps on changing owners and type of business and never quite seems to make it? Numerology would help avoid this.

We obviously chose partners in life and situations in accordance with our karmic destiny in order to learn a lesson. Remember that even though we are here to learn, and some of the lessons are harsh, we also have help through the use of various method of divination.
When we use numerology we can recognise who and what is good for us and avoid many mistakes.

Yours in love & light


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