Often a client asks: "Is this man my soulmate?" or I get the very determined statement: "I went to such and such psychic and he/she told me that this man is definitely my soulmate."
The implication seems to be that since this person is a soulmate he is there to stay for the rest of his life and should provide lasting happiness.
So I would like to explain what a SOULMATE really is. The misconception is actually about thinking that the soulmate is the lover or the other half finally found, to complement you and therefore create the perfect couple.

In "esoteric" or "occult" terminology a soulmate is simply any person in this lifetime with whom you have great affinity or will end up being connected to for a while, due to karmic reasons. We all have karmic connections and debts that have to be paid or collected and come from past lives. If you have been married twice and twice divorced, chances are that both your husbands were "soulmates", and now that the debt has been paid, you have enacted your karmic interactions and you have very rightly moved on.

A soulmate can be male or female. if you have a great friend, regardless of gender, he or she could be a soulmate.
Your mother, your father or a cousin could be a soulmate.
Not everyone is a soulmate, we are talking about deep connections and great karmic links.
We meet soulmates that are supposed to help us or teach us a great lesson.

Many have the mistaken idea that a karmic lesson must be paid through a particular person, and they insist in staying in a relationship, thinking that their debt has not been paid or the lesson has not been learnt.
This is another misconception. If you have not paid a debt or learnt a lesson, the Powers That Be will promptly send you the same lesson in a different guise and with a different person.
We have proof of this just by seeing how many people keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.
Think of the woman that is always in an abusive relationship, no matter who she marries. Or the person that is always surrounded by family and lovers with drinking problems. These are examples of lessons that are not being learnt.
You will encounter the same problem over and over again until you decide to break the pattern.
I find many examples through numerology: someone that has a spouse and a lover and when I look at their numbers they are exactly the same! I always get an indignant "They are totally different!". But believe me: ultimately the relationship is going to end up being the same.

By staying in a bad relationship, we stop learning and we stop our partner from moving on and learning his or her lessons. By doing this we ultimately create more karma for ourselves.

What we are all actually looking for is the "TWIN SOUL".
From the moment of birth we have a sense of longing and a sense of aloness. This comes from being separated from our Creator and from our perfect other half, our twin soul. A twin soul is always of the opposite sex, age or looks do not matter. It is the perfect union of two souls that were created together and have been on separate paths for too long.
Finding our twin soul is the ultimate blessing. Unfortunately very few are ready to find him or her as this meeting can only occur after many lessons have been learnt and after having been on a spiritual path for a long time.
We meet the twin soul when we are ready to do the ultimate journey together, and together we go back and reunite with the "Divine". This implies great wisdom, balance and spirituality for both partners. In fact at least one of the two must be an "initiate" having gone through a proper "initiation ritual" in one of the Mistery Schools.
Since very few of us are at that level, for now we keep on meeting soulmates, that will fulfill many of our needs but deep down eventually still leave us feeling incomplete and searching for something "missing" or something "more".

Yours in love & light


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