If you are sincerely interested in the Tarot and have been for some time, it is quite likely that you are ready to go to the next step and learn how to handle the cards yourself.
First of all you must remember that the Tarot was created primarily as an aid to pursue the spiritual path.
The use of the Tarot for divinatory purposes came much later.
The symbolism in the Tarot is highly spiritual and will act on your subconscious mind, therefore with the constant use of the cards your psychic abilities will develop more and more.
This takes you to the following step which is the choice of a Tarot pack. There are hundreds out there, all called Tarot, but be careful as the modern packs lack the significant symbolism, they are very pretty, but they are Divination Packs, not Tarot Packs. They are inspired by the Tarot, but they stray from the Ancient Teachings. I would suggest that, as a beginner, you buy a pack with the correct symbolism. The beset choice is the Rider-Waite and very similar are the Morgan-Greer and Hanson-Roberts. Using one of these packs will help you in a subtle way and, seeing that the symbolism is closely related to other esoteric subjects like Numerology, Kabala, Astrology etc and it will make it easier for you to understand the cards as an important part of the teachings.
The next choice is about yourself and the question is: Why do you want to learn.
If you already are on a spiritual path then you know that the Tarot is part of the teachings and of your spiritual development. But what if this is your first spiritual step?
Then learning the Tarot will give you an excellent foundation for further studies and will help you to understand other esoteric subjects more easily.
What if you want to be a professional reader? If you think that reading Tarot is just a mean to make money then stop right there. No amount of money is worth the amount of pain and suffering you could cause with a bad reading. Even if you just want to tell a person "good things" you could be causing damage by not giving the right warnings.
The biggest challenge when you attempt to tell someone's future is your INTEGRITY. If you do not have any, stay away from the cards. Your mouth is your biggest weapon, use it wisely or be warned that eventually you will have to pay for any pain you have caused.
If you care about others and you sincerely want to help, then by all means go on and learn.
When you take the course follow the lessons and do the exercises the way you are told. Even if you think you already know about Tarot, forget everything you have learnt so far and follow only what you are being taught. You can always go back later to compare the different methods. When you know more it will be easy to see and feel which is for you, the right way.
When I say I can take you to a professional level it is the truth, you will know all the meanings, the spreads, etc and will have all necessary basics to become a professional reader. But please do not expect to finish the course and start giving professional readings. That would be criminal and at that paricular point you are still in a danger zone. I can give you the knowledge and the basics, what I cannot give you is EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!. You need to give a lot of readings, and I mean a lot, to friends, family etc. FOR NOTHING. But the readings are not for nothing, they are necessary to get FEED-BACK. Only when you have a lot a feed-back and people will start trusting you with your readings because they realize you are telling them the truth, then and only then you can become a professional reader. Always use your knowledge with wisdom and humility.

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