The majority of people are skeptical when it comes to believing anything connected with black magic or curses.
The general attitude is: "If I don't believe in it, it cannot affect me". This is a wrong attitude that could lead to a lot of damage. People start believing in the power of a curse much too late. Often after they have lost a business or their relationship has failed. Someone may even die as a result of a curse. A curse works whether you believe in it or not, you do not need to know that you have a curse for it to work against you.

How do you know if there is a curse on you? There are some very clear signs: usually the bad luck affecting the person is totally unexpected and unexplained. Things that should come to a satisfactory conclusion always go wrong. You are ill and cannot get better. A relationship that used to be good suddenly goes wrong for no reason. Everything seems to hit you all at once. You often have nightmares and wake up in fear. With certain love curses the person affected seems to act as if in a trance or there is an extreme change in behaviour. As you can see a curse can affect quite strongly any aspect of your life.

How is a curse put on?
Some people can affect your life through the power of their emotions like too much hate or jealousy. If someone concentrates on you constantly with bad intent you are eventually going to feel it. But the usual way is by using a proper ritual against someone. Curses can be put on from a distance using a photograph or some personal objects or by contact, preparing a powder or liquid (also with the help of a ritual) given in the food or drink or smeared on something that the person is going to touch or wear. Some are very good in putting a curse on by telephone. Sometime you may think there is nobody at the other end, but by answering the phone you have provided the contact needed.
Different people use different methods. Every country has its own types of witches, sangomas, shamans, masters of black magic etc. Fortunately there are many practising white magic that can remove a curse very succesfully by reversing it and sending it back where it came from.

Removing a curse involves quite a good knowledge of practical magic. A reversal is usually done at a distance, when the subject is asleep.The person being cleared will experience some symptoms related to the method used in the curse itself. If the curse has been administered in the food there could be some nausea, vomiting or bowel problems. If the curse has been sent from a distance there could be a fever or headache or a general feeling of being ill. These symptoms are very temporary and totally harmless. Nobody has ever been hurt by a clearance except sometimes the person that originated the curse; he/she will now experience the same curse wished on the victim.

Beware of curses. If you have one on you it is not a joke, it can be extremely serious and it must be cleared up! It will not go away on its own!
On the other hand not everything that happens to you is due to a curse. There are moments in life when things go bad simply because that's the way it is. We go through cycles in life. Life is a series of lessons, sometimes we are in a bad patch and we can only get out from it once we have learnt something out of it.

Of course the best way to find out if you have a curse on you is to have a reading and the reader will be able to advise you.
A clerance will also leave your Aura cleansed and purified

If you are a user of magic remember that it is not a game and you cannot hurt others without eventually hurting yourself even more.
Use all magic with love and integrity.

Yours in love & light


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