Since many of the servers on Nostradamus and other Prophets are currently jammed with too much traffic, and people are anxious to read the predictions referring to the New York Towers, here are many predictions I found on the New York attack. Read them and get your own conclusions:


In regards to the World Trade Center Attack and Nostradamus. Nostradamus warned of the TERROR FROM THEY SKY around 1999 starting WW III Nostradamus warned of the FIRE IN THE SKY in the New City around 40 and 5 degrees latitude (New York is 40.5 degrees) Famous Nostradamus Translator Sollog warned of 2001 as the year THE USA would be STRUCK! In the 902 Prophecy Sollog warned of The BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING between September 2nd and September 16th. The Sollog "2001 USA TO BE STRUCK" Warning is in his famous US case 96CV 1499. It has been on file since 1996 in the US Federal court house in Philadelphia Sollog and Nostradamus both WARNED OF THIS ATTACK! God Bless the victims of this historic moment in history!

According to Nostradamus, the first two anti-Christs were extremely evil, and history has shown this to be so; however, Nostradamus speaks of a third anti-Christ who is more hideous than all the others combined. Some say Sadaam Hussein, the dictator from Iraq, could be this evil tyrant. Others say that he has not yet appeared. What does Nostradamus say about this third anti-Christ? First, Nostradamus tells us he will come from the Middle East.

"Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed... He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He will be the terror of mankind. Never more horror."

Here, Nostradamus says that a man from Greater Arabia will lead his forces on an invasion through Europe. This invasion will start a third world war that will be far worse than all the other wars put together (Guentte). When will all this take place? In one quatrain Nostradamus gives us an exact date in which the war will be well under way.

"In the year 1999 and seven months From the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols; Before and after war reigns."

Nostradamus predicts the war will begin shortly before the year 1999 (Roberts 191). He also tells us how long the war will last.

"The war will last seven and twenty years. (Guentte)"

Please consider that the whole world has been in a state of war for many years already (Remember Iraq, Jugoslavia etc.). Nostradamus says that the war will be so terrible that the world will come face to face with final annihilation. Here, he implies that the war might involve some kind of horrible weapon, possibly nuclear. Nostradamus tells what the first target will be.

"The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city."

In this phrase, Nostradamus refers to a great city in the new world of America near forty-five degrees latitude. Experts agree this could only be New York.



This is an excerp from the speach given on radio XMas 23 Dec. 1958:
"The sacred book tells of the Tower of Babel that was built in Sennar in the first centuries, and that finished in destruction.
In many regions of the Earth other towers will be built and surely will end like the first one....."


He was the founder of a methaphysical school in Hollywood and was psychic consultant to many actors, he speeaks of three world wars:
"There will be three world wars. The first will last 4 years, the second 5 years and the third 5 months. The first will bring famine, the second hate, the third will carry poison.
First world war: 1914-1918
Second world war: 1940-1945
Third? Time will tell.


Teresa Newmann regained miraculously her sight in 1923, then had occurrences of "stigmatas" until she died. She had many prophetic visions, one of them regarded a tower:
"There is a tower built on sand and I saw it fall. This is one of the signs. The Towers that man have built to last forever have a beginning and an end. The day will come when men will not feel secure and everything will collapse around them."


"The one who builds a house should guard it so that when the enemy comes it will not be destroyed. Do not rebuild the house on the old foundations if you do not want to duplicate the folly. MM (roman numerals for 2000) Stones will fall. Leave them on the ground. Do not forget that all work can be destroyed. You are building on sand and not on rock."

Tjhere are many others like Our Lady of Fatima, Merlin the Magician etc.
All of them predicted the fall of New York.
The predictions following this terrible sign take us to the THIRD WORLD WAR AND A NUCLEAR CATASTROPHY, that should involved the Northern Hemisphere
I do not have a precise time for all this, it looks like it is at our doorstep.
Being in South Africa we can consider ourselves lucky not to be in the way of those nations. We will suffer maybe financially and, through lack of some necessities and hopefully the nuclear devastation should not reach us.
Whether you sympathise with the American Nation or not, please spare a thought of love and compassion for all the families that have been shattered through the loss of their loved ones. Give thanks that you can still hold a loved one in your arms.
Pray for love, pray for peace.

I suggest to everyone reading this small contribution of mine to join me in sending healing thoughts to families and to the nations in need. It is important for us to send love&light to the Earth. I do a meditation every morning at 8. Make that your time to briefly think about the Earth. (You can do it even when you are getting ready for work, driving, or having breakfast). There are still trying times to come for everyone on earth, maybe a few loving thoughts could help to make the world a better place.

Yours in love & light


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